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Motorcycle Insurance

Determing Your Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Have you ever wondered what determines motorcycle insurance rates? Here at Thanks Al, we offer motorcycle insurance for all riders of Texas.

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance FAQs

Summer in Texas is the perfect time to take to the lakes and enjoy sunny weekends on a boat. However, not having the right boat insurance could make you want to jump overboard, rather than enjoy the day on the waves. Whether you enjoy water sports or drifting along with the warm summer breezes, these boat insurance frequently asked questions (FAQs) can ensure your summer is smooth sailing.

Short-Term Medical Insurance

Benefits to Having a Short-Term Medical Insurance Policy

While most people in Texas think bigger is better, there are times in life when going small is the answer. Such is the case when you are between jobs, gearing up for retirement, or just aged-out of your parents’ insurance plan. During these times, it makes sense to go small – or a least smaller – with short term medical insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

Benefits of Having an Umbrella Policy

Umbrella insurance, which is also known as liability insurance, goes above and beyond other insurance policies you may have. Umbrella insurance policies typically come into play when the maximum amount has been paid out by primary insurance policies, ensuring that your personal assets have added protection when such circumstances arise.

Home Insurance

10 Quick Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Do you want the good news for the bad news that comes with spring first? Well, they’re kind of the same thing. Its time to get outside and get to work getting your home in tip top shape. Here are 10 quick tips that will help you kickstart your home maintenance for spring here in Texas: