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Health Insurance

Choosing the Right Health Insurance Provider

Health InsuranceThe open enrollment time frame for health insurance ends February 15, so if you’re considering enrolling or changing your covered for 2015, this information is for you. Al Bonker partners with over 127 insurance agencies across the Texas communities delivering you the best health insurance rates for individuals and/or family households. We do not prefer one agency over another, instead, Al Bonker is committed toward saving you the most money by matching your claim with the best health care insurance provider in our network.

Life Insurance

Three Things You Should Know about Life Insurance

Life insurance is composed of several elements which can make it the perfect storm for miss-guided decision making. Many people fail to purchase enough insurance while others are paying for insurance that doesn’t fully address their family’s needs.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance Made Easy

The largest asset most people will ever own is their home, Thanks Al will help make sure your insurance coverage adequately protects that investment. Having insufficient home insurance is very dangerous and can lead to long-term financial hardship that putts unwanted stress on your family. Remember that cheap home insurance is not the same as safe, risk-adverse, affordable home insurance.

Auto Insurance

Need a Car?

Your credit plummeted when the economy crashed. Now your need for a new car is putting unwarranted stress on your life. Will an institution provide you a loan? What about the car insurance required by the state of Texas? Where should you turn and who can you trust? To find the right car insurance, one you can trust that knows what it means to be a Texan, you don’t need to go any further than Al Boenker Insurance Agency of Texas.