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Auto Insurance for Millennials

This year, we are focusing on engaging with the younger generation and providing them with easy, reliable insurance services. Are you a part of that younger generation that just doesn’t quite have enough knowledge and understanding of what exact coverages you are needing? Or maybe you are just getting off of your parent’s policies? If this is the case, you are in the right place. You may be wondering, what does Al Boenker Insurance have to offer to you that other insurance companies don’t? Let me explain! 

Our agents are professionals. They are trained to be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Our agents are patient, meaning they will make any service as quick and easy, or as slow and easy as you would like. If you would like to take your time and get every question answered and have a full understanding of what your coverages are, our agents are here to assist you. If you would like a quick and efficient policy checkup, this is possible as well! 

In addition, we are able to do full services over the phone via text, phone call or email. No need to worry about coming into the office to sign papers, we do everything electronically! If you would like to come in and see your agent face to face for your service, we offer walk-ins as well with no appointment time needed. 

The most important thing that we offer is agents that are friendly and understanding. No matter what the case may be, our agents will be here and understand that some things may be a bit more complicated for customers. For example, if insurance rates increase for our customers, our agents rates may go up as well. They relate to your concerns and are ready to assist you. The benefit of  Al Boenker Insurance Agency is we can shop multiple companies at once to find you the most affordable insurance as possible! 

At Al Boenker Insurance, we are here to not only provide you with the fastest and best insurance coverage, but a friend as well. We are so thankful for everyone who has chosen us over the past 50 years, and if you have not joined us yet, do not hesitate to give us a call, or visit us in our Fort Worth office. Al Boenker Insurance has gotcha’ covered!

For a quick quote, visit us at https://www.thanksal.com/texas-auto-insurance_quote.php or give us a call at 1-800-THANSKAL

New Year, Big Goals

Happy New Year y’all! What an awesome and challenging year 2022 was. We have so much in store for 2023. 2022 came with many challenges. We had to learn, adapt, and overcome. We are prepared for the new year and ready to find our purpose. Finding your purpose can come with many challenges within itself, but after the things we experienced in 2022, we are confident that we can overcome anything that is thrown our way. Every year, we set new goals and come up with new strategies to ensure that we are working to the best of our abilities. You may be wondering what to look out for as we start the new year. Here are a few insights on what we plan to accomplish in 2023.

If you are new here, we want to say a quick thank you for choosing Al Boenker Insurance. We have been serving customers for 50 years, and have grown tremendously. We hope to grow even more in 2023 by getting the attention of the younger generation, serving them with their insurance needs, educating them, and providing assistance where it is needed.
If you are a new driver, new home owner, or needing any other type of insurance and just don’t exactly know how to go about it, Al Boenker Insurance is here to assist you. Our agents are professionals and trained to know how to solve any problem, answer any questions you may have, and make your experience with us easy, fast, and affordable. We understand that long, complicated phone calls are no fun for anyone. Our agents can get you a quote within ten minutes of the request, that’s fast!

On another note, social media is becoming a main focus for us as well. Be on the lookout for our Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok pages. Give us a follow! Instagram: thanksal Tik tok: thanksal72. Happy New year from Al Boenker Insurance, and don’t forget that we’ve still gotcha covered!

Does Being a New Driver Cause Insurance Rates to Increase? 

Getting your drivers license can be a very exciting and joyful moment. It is a stepping stone in your life towards being independent and responsible. Getting your drivers license means you are finally allowed to legally drive yourself places and do things on your own! Speaking of “legally,” you are not fully legal until your car is insured. Being a new driver, if you are added to a parent’s insurance policy, it could cause their rates to go up. No need to worry, we are here to help guide you through three steps to avoid making the rates go up. 

  • First things first, being a new driver means that you are probably not very experienced with driving on highways and backroads. 

It is very important that you drive carefully and cautiously. If you were to get in a wreck, this could cause insurance rates to go up. Stay alert when you are driving, and you will have no problems! 

  • Secondly, avoid speeding! Being pulled over and given a speeding ticket could also cause insurance rates to go up. 

Watch out for speed limit signs, and follow the law! 

  • Lastly, stay off of your phone or electronic device.

 Distracted driving is the number one cause of car wrecks. That one text message or phone call can wait until you are not driving. Nothing is more important than your safety. That one text message or phone call could cause a wreck, which then leads to insurance rates going up.  

Top 5 ATV Getaways in Texas

atv texas fall couple

Top ATV Getaways in Texas

  1. The Rocky Ridge Ranch, Decatur, TX
  2. Outlaw ATV Park, Crosby, TX
  3. Sam Houston National Forest, New Waverly, TX
  4. Trophy Club Park, Trophy Club, TX
  5. Sabine ATV Park, Burkeville, TX

What’s one of the biggest differences between a motorcycle and an ATV? You can’t drive an ATV in the city. Fortunately, we live in Texas, where there are many other options where you can take your ATV out for a spin.

Thanks to its expansive countryside and unique terrain, the Lone Star State is a perfect playground for ATV aficionados. Between the Texas Hill Country and the Great Plains, you’ll have a vast array of various trails, parks, and back roads to choose from.

With the chilly weather just around the corner and your ATV up and running for some very last spins right before winter arrives, you’ll need to start planning your adventure. Thankfully, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up the five best ATV getaways in Texas, enjoy!


1. The Rocky Ridge Ranch, Decatur, TX

best getaways in texas rocky ridge ranch

One of the largest parks in Texas, the Rocky Ridge Ranch offers a diverse collection of different trails and tracks. Visitors can ride through woods, over hills and along riverbeds covering over 650 acres.

This park also offers an ATV race arena for some friendly competition as well as some X-Games style ramps for those who like to live a little dangerously. Not only do they offer overnight camping at this park, but it’s also free with some cool amenities! If you need a break from riding you can do some fishing in one of their many lakes.

2. Outlaw ATV Park, Crosby, TX

best ATV ATV Park in Crosby Texas

This is one of the top rated ATV parks in all of Texas. Located on of the banks of the San Jacinto River, this is the perfect spot for riders who love to get muddy. The park is insanely cheap too – only $5 straight up, no matter how large your party is.

If you plan on riding this park, it’s highly recommended that you spend the night at the campgrounds to get the full intended experience.

3. Sam Houston National Forest, New Waverly, TX 

san houstion best getaway in texas

If you love trail riding, then this is the spot for you! This park is stretched along Lake Conroe and features over 80 miles of vast sweeping forest trails just waiting to be explored.

If you’re planning a trip to this park, make sure you bring your safety gear! Goggles and helmets are required for all riders under the National Parks Service. One of the best getaways in Texas!

4. Trophy Club Park, Trophy Club, TX 

best getaways in texas trophy club

If you’re craving a sense of adventure, then head on out to this great motorcycle route just outside of Lake Grapevine in Denton. No matter what exciting entertainment you’re looking for, you can and will find it here! This park features a 6-mile ATV trail system that contains 3 different scenic loops.

You’ll also encounter a plethora of extra amenities, which include, boating, nature trails, dog parks, disc golf, camping and laser tag! So, bring the kids and the dog for an excellent weekend of outdoor bliss. You won’t regret it!


5. Sabine ATV Park, Burkeville, TX 

sabine atv park in texas

In Far East Texas, near the Louisiana border, rests an ATV park unlike any other. This family friendly park lies along the Sabine River and boasts some great amenities, including electric and water hookups, outdoor campsites, cabins, wash racks, a general store, and various fun activities.

If you need a break from riding, stop by the sand bar where you can cool off, have a party, play some volleyball or test out some snorkels during the summertime. Along with these great entertainment options, you’ll have full access to some amazing ATV trails that are suitable for riders of any age or skill level.

From deep-water crossings to shallow creek runs, soggy trails to full on mud bogs, you’re guaranteed a thrilling riding experience at Sabine ATV Park.

But first, stay safe and covered

Before planning that weekend ATV getaway in Texas, now is a great time to make sure that all of your ATV insurance needs are up-to-date. Give us a call at 1-800-Thanks-Al or visit www.thanksal.com to have an agent review your policy to confirm that your auto insurance has the right amount of coverage for your family and your needs.

We can also ensure that you are getting the best rate for your policy. You might even qualify for additional discounts, especially if you have your home insured through us!


From all of us at Al Boenker Insurance, we hope you stay safe and enjoy the ride!

3 Benefits of Choosing ABI

What are the benefits of choosing an independent insurance agent from ABI (Al Boenker Insurance)?

We know that a lot of the time the question arise on what is the advantage of going with an ABI insurance agent rather than just going directly to a company to get insurance.

Here we tell you some of the benefits we usually hear fom our clients why they choose working with us.

1. Carry multiple insurance carriers = more options

At ABI we represent many insurance companies, therefore are able to shop around between tons fo carriers for you. In comparison, a captive agent partners with only one insurance company, limiting their. This allows us to find the best option that competely fits your needs in every single way. We save you time by not having to fill several applications to get a quote each time. We will evaluate all possible factors to accomplish the best rate for your exact needs.

2. Exceptional customer service

If you get in an accident and need help understanding insurance language, we are there for you. If you need to file a claim and not sure how to do it, we are also there for you. You need a fast reply regarding your policy, we are there for you. Our licensed professionals will provide you with their knowledge and guidance. They will be doing all the work for you. We are there for you for all your needs, and will make sure that the service provided is always fast and easy.

3. Being always the priority to us

We customize our options for you. Comparing it to a captive agent or an insurance company, we are able to evaluate and review your exact needs. There is no a one-size fits all, and therefore we need to find the right one for you. We understand you, as we are your neighbors. We belong to this community as well, and your coverage is our priority.

At Al Boenker Insurance agent we will make sure that you get these benefits that you won’t get anywhere else. That is why Al Boenker gotcha’ covered!

For more information on all of our services we offer for you visit thanksal.com

Learn if the amount of coverage you got is the right one.