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5 Summer Weekend Getaways

Say, “Hello” all across Texas this summer. A nice weekend exploring one or all of these destinations will have your family eager to pack up the car and hit the road!

Garner State Park, Concan
Garner State Park is a must! The cool temps of the Frio River will keep you cooled off all day. There are several activities to do including hiking, camping, tube floating, kayaking and paddle boarding. Get this trip on the calendar soon as campsite and cabins begin to fill up for the remaining summer months. To make reservations and check out the complete list of activities, click here.

Hamilton Pool, Dripping Springs
Take a dive into the 12-foot-wide cove at Hamilton Pool Reserve in Dripping Springs. Reservations are required as they only allow a limited number in from 9-12pm and 1-5pm.
Call ahead or visit them online to reserve your time spot. The oasis has public bathrooms and hiking trails. However, there is not any food or drink stops, so pack a light bag of snacks and water. Hamilton Pool only excepts cash when paying on site. This refreshing hole is the perfect getaway right outside of Austin city limits. Will your gang make that jump?

Houston Museum District, Houston
The Child’s Museum of Houston, voted “America’s No. 1 Children’s Museum”, by Parents Magazine, is the ultimate kids getaway. With 19 museums in the area, your gang will have a ton to do! Stop by the Houston Zoo and wander onto Waugh Street Bridge to watch the bats emerge at nightfall! Get all the details here.

BSR Cable Park, Waco
Want an adult weekend getaway? Barefoot Ski Ranch is the new hot spot this summer! The Cable Park just opened Summer 2018 and is home to America’s longest lazy river at nearly one-mile long. Take a plunge on the Royal Flush slides or enjoy the surf wave cable park. If your kids are dare-devils and can hang, bring ’em along for the fun at the adventure park. Want to slow down a little? Spend Sunday afternoon at Magnolia Markets, wondering through the Silos and shops. Regardless of your preference, Waco has grown into a popular weekend destination spot for all.

Krause Springs, Spicewood
Krause Springs is privately owned by the Krause family and was founded in 1955. The well-known camping and swimming site is located in the hill country about 30 miles west of Austin. Reserve a camp spot for a weekend stay and visit the 32 springs on the property. Did I mention there are a beautiful waterfall, grotto, and natural pools? Explore the butterfly garden, hike through trails or take a dip in the manmade pool that is fed by the springs. This weekend getaway will be one for the books! Book a camping site here.

Where ever your family goes this summer, remember to give your car a quick checkup (check tire pressure, oil level, and coolant levels) to ensure your safety. Go with confidence with auto, RV, boat or ATV insurance today! Contact your Al Boenker Insurance at 1-800-thanksal or online at thanksal.com.

Al’s Texas Tours 2017: Motorcycle Vacations

Back by popular demand and just in time for summer 2017, it’s Al’s Texas Tours! Texas is a vast state with lush beautiful landscapes, scenic views, and endless travel opportunities just waiting to be experienced. What better way to usher in the summer season than to plan a weekend getaway on your motorcycle! We’ve helped you brush off the cobwebs and take the necessary steps to get your bike back into commission and now it’s time to put it to some use! We’ve rounded up the five best motorcycle getaways in the lone star state, enjoy!


Top 5 Motorcycle Vacations in Texas


  1. Three Sisters Ranch Roads, Medina, TX – Just beyond the outskirts of San Antonio rests a motorcycle route that is consistently hailed as one of the best in the state. This road features beautiful scenery, great road quality and tons of attractions. If you need a break from riding, just stop by the Lost Maples Winery for a drink and rest your weary head at the Lodges At Lost Maples or the FireFox Cabins. Also, if you need to cool off, be sure to stop by the Frio River for a refreshing dip. This route is very limited when it comes to gas stations, so make sure that you have a full take before embarking on this adventure!


  1. Texas Hill Country Twister, Kerville, TX – This road starts in Kerville and is a straight shot south to Medina, TX, with tons of great sights and attractions along the way. It’s only a 38-mile ride, so you’ll have plenty of time to experience everything this route has to offer. Visit the biker resort at Koyote Ranch which features antique markets and outdoor biergarten with some of the best views in the State. If you’re lucky, you may even get to pass through the Kerrville Folk Festival, which occurs in the late spring/early summer. Nothing like a little music to accompany you during your ride!


  1. Castolon-Santa Elena Canyon Ride, Big Bend National Park, TX – What better way to take a motorcycle journey than through one of the most famous national parks in the entire country? If you’re a big scenery junkie, then this is definitely the route for you. You’ll be absorbed in a parade of majestic vistas, dazzling rock formations, and monstrous canyons as far as the eye can see. The only bummer is that this area is very stingy on it’s speed limit. You’ll most likely be riding around 45 mph the entire time, so if you have a need for speed, you may need to do some adjusting.


  1. Rio Grande River Road, Alpine, TX – Head down south near the border for a fantastic ride in one of Texas’ most beautiful regions. This route will take you through a portion of Big Bend National Park by way of twists, turns, hills and straightaway roads. This is a perfect destination if you’re just looking to cruise and see the sights. The Rio Grande River Road doesn’t offer many amenities, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing views!


  1. Possum Kingdom Lake Ride, Gradbury, TX – If you’re craving a sense of adventure, then head on out to this great motorcycle route just outside Dallas/Ft. Worth. This route is a great hidden gem that contains great roads that twist and turn as well as some thrilling sights to behold. If you plan on riding this route, it’s highly recommended that you spend the night at the campgrounds. This area is a utopia for water sports, fishing, and nature activities. While you’re there, make sure you check out the infamous “Hell’s Gate” cliff formation in the lake. You can even go cliff diving if you’re brave enough!


Before planning that weekend motorcycle getaway, now is a great time to make sure that all of your motorcycle insurance needs are up-to-date. Give us a call at 1-800-Thanks-Al to have an agent review your policy to confirm that your auto insurance has the right amount of coverage for your family and your needs. We can also ensure that you are getting the best rate for your policy. You might even qualify for additional discounts, especially if you have your home insured through us!


From all of us at Al Boenker Insurance, we hope you stay safe and enjoy the ride!

Determing Your Motorcycle Insurance Rates

motorcycle-552787_640Have you ever wondered what determines motorcycle insurance rates? Here at Thanks Al, we offer motorcycle insurance for all riders of Texas. With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to hit the open road on your beloved motorcycle. Before you ride, it’s crucial you’re motorcycle is covered with the right insurance. We’re here to explain how our motorcycle rates are determined:

  • Your motorcycle type. Generally speaking, the more expensive a motorcycle is, the more expensive insurance rates will be, simply because they’re more costly to replace if something goes wrong. Motorcycles that are high-powered are going to be more costly to ensure than those that are low-powered.
  • Age and driving record. Younger riders are typically more accident prone, simply because they don’t have the experience as older, more mature rider would. Any tickets and collisions are factored in when calculating motorcycle premiums.
  • Location. Where you live is factored in to your insurance rates. If you are located in an urban area, with less vehicles, your likelihood of getting into a collision decreases, as does your motorcycle insurance rate. More populated, rural areas, have an increased risk of collisions or theft occurring.
  • Rider skill. New or first time riders will have higher average insurance rates simply because they have less skill and experience on the road. Riders can become more ‘experienced’ by taking a motorcycle safety course.

Protect your motorcycle with Al Boenker Insurance of Texas and save money. We will ensure you receive the best rate possible and we’ll reshop your policy each year to ensure you’re continuing to save. Find out more about Texas Motorcycle Insurance.