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The 10 Best Summer Spots in Texas While Social Distancing

We were all waiting for the summer to travel to our favorite spots when the pandemic hit. With a new normal some are starting to go out and want to travel while staying safe. Check out some of our favorite spots to travel to while maintaining social distance.

If being outdoors is your call, you should check out the following State Parks in Texas:

1. Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park

The home of bird sightseeing, you might be able to see over 360 species.

P.S. The headquarters of the World Birding Center is located here, you should check it out.

2. Franklin Mountains State Park

With over a hundred miles of trails and pathways, you can’t miss the red rocky views of canyons and desert around El Paso area.

3. Big Bend Ranch State

If you end up going do not forget to visit the Closed Canyon Trail, you will have an amazing landscape of rocky mountains and biking trails right next to Terlingua.

If you are more into water, these options might be best for you:

4. Possum Kingdom Lake

Only ninety miles north of Fort Worth, you can spend the day swimming or floating on its crystal-clear water.

5. Garner State Park

The location where the Frio River meets allows it to spend time doing camping and several water activities such as tubing, kayaking, fishing, and even snorkeling. The 10 acre of river frontage is definitely a must-visit place during the summer.

Also, let’s not forget the beautiful beaches that are located in our state:

6. Galveston

The classic beach getaway, it is one of the most popular summer destinations, and it is easy to maintain social distance while soaking up some sun. There are plenty of restaurants and stores, just make sure they are following all sanitary regulations.

7. Corpus Christi

This location is less crowded and quieter than Galveston but also as enjoyable during the summer. You have a seventy-mile beach to take a long walk and enjoy some waves to do some surfing. 

8. South Padre Island

It is home to the most beautiful beaches in the Lone Star State, with its white-sand beaches, it is a great summer destination to visit.

And finally traveling to other cities is always a great option. We leave you some options to visit:

9. San Antonio

It is a perfect city summer getaway, taking a walk on the famous Riverwalk, enjoying a nice meal in one of its restaurants and visiting the Alamo, you’ll have plenty of options to have a great time while staying safe.

10. Austin

The capital of our great state cannot be missed, from visiting the Texas State Capitol and downtown, all the way to visiting local coffee shops, food truck cuisine and you will find a variety of activities outdoors. 

Maintaining social distance today is a must, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nice day out with family visiting incredible summer spots.

Be sure to double-check all city ordinances pertaining to mask requirements and capacity levels. Visit https://www.dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/ for the most recent updates. 

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5 Holiday Traveling Tips


The Holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to prepare for good food, gift giving and family reunions. Most people are traveling all over the place during this time to either see distant relatives or partake in a quick holiday giveaway. Whatever the case may be, traveling during this season can be hectic and stressful if not adequately prepared. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to help make your journey a little easier. Check out these 5-holiday traveling survival tips!

Pick Your Time Wisely – Time plays a huge factor in determining how smoothly your travels will turn out. If you’re driving, try to avoid leaving the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This is the biggest travel day of the year and there’s a big chance you’ll get thrown off schedule. Make sure that you’re traveling early in the morning or late at night to avoid heavy traffic (not to mention the kids will be asleep too). This is also the preferred departure time for flying as well, due to the fact that most delays and cancellations occur during throughout the day.

Pack Smart – Packing light is always the smartest option when flying or driving. It saves you room on the road and it saves you money through the air. Be sure to double-check all of your baggage before leaving so that you don’t leave anything behind. If you’re flying, avoid checking bags altogether. With the extreme volume of travelers during this time, there’s a good chance that your bag could get lost or misplaced throughout this process.

Research Beforehand – A good motto to live by is “Always Expect the Unexpected,” and this could not be more appropriate when it comes to traveling. Be sure you use all of the resources available to ensure you’re choosing the best flight, driving route or method of travel. When flying, look at the airline’s restrictions before hand to see what you can and cannot bring onto the plane. This will speed up the security process and spare any headaches. If you’re driving, look to see if there are any shortcuts or pit stops you can take to help break up the ride.

Ship Your Gifts – Whether you’re flying or driving, shipping your gifts to your destination will make your life easier. It will save you room in your car, which will make for a more comfortable ride. If you’re flying, shipping gifts will also avoid any problems you may run into with TSA. More likely than not they will unwrap any gifts you may try to bring onboard.

Check Your Car – The last thing you’d want is to have your vehicle break down in the middle of nowhere on the way to your destination. To prevent this, make sure you have your car inspected by a professional so you can eliminate and fix any potential hazards. Get all of your fluids refilled and make sure your tire’s tread and air pressure are fully functional.

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